Scott Johnson - Lab Director

Dr. Johnson received his PhD in 1992 from Arizona State University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Visual Science at Rochester. Prior to his current position at UCLA, he was an Associate Professor at NYU and an Assistant Professor at Cornell. His first job was as a Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, where he is now a Visiting Research Fellow. His research concerns the origins and development of perception and cognition in humans, with a focus on attention, speech perception, face perception, object knowledge, learning mechanisms, brain development, and developmental disabilities.

Bryan Nguyen - Lab Technician

Bryan originally started out as a research assistant here at the lab in January 2011 and after graduating from UCLA with a B.S. in Cognitive Science, he became the full-time lab technician. As a research assistant, he helped create study stimuli and wrote programs to sort/analyze data. Now, he is looking to take what he learned during his undergraduate studies to explore infant object perception and how joint attention affects the learning of word associations.

Paola Escudero - Visiting Researcher

Paola received her PhD in 2005 from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She is a Senior Researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Since January 2009, she is Visiting Assistant Professor at the department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA and Visiting Researcher at the Babylab. Her main research line focuses on phonetic, phonological and lexical development in L1, L2, bilingual and multilingual populations, as well as in adults and children with cochlear implants. She also investigates visual and auditory/linguistic categorization in young infants in the UCLA Baby Lab, and speech perception in animals (zebra vinches and budgerigars) and humans (infants and adults) with biologists from Leiden University, The Netherlands.

HoJin Kim - Visiting Researcher

Jin received his BS from Virginia Tech with a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology, and his PhD in Developmental Psychology from UCLA. He is interested in cognitive development in infants, specifically face perception, language, memory, sleep patterns, and visual perception more broadly. In addition he also plans to study infant brain development as a means to examine the basic brain-behavior links used in the early years of life to learn about the world.

Lauren Krogh Slone- Graduate Student

Lauren received her B.S. in Biological Sciences and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2009. She is currently a sixth-year PhD student in the Developmental Psychology program at UCLA. Her research interest is infants' cognitive and perceptual development. Prior to coming to UCLA, Lauren's research focused on animacy, categorization, and causal perception. At UCLA her research focuses on her interest in how developing motor abilities affect cognitive and perceptual development.

Elizabeth Goldenberg - Graduate Student

Elizabeth received her B.A. in Psychology in 2010 from UC Santa Cruz. She is currently a sixth year doctoral student in Developmental Psychology at UCLA. She is interested in understanding the mechanisms that underlie infants' and toddlers' learning and memory abilities. Her research in the Baby Lab focuses on how infants learn object labels in the face of changing context. She uses eye-tracking methodology to understand how children’s visual attention supports learning and memory.

Natsuki Atagi - Graduate Student

Natsuki is a fourth-year doctoral student in Developmental Psychology at UCLA. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Gender Studies in 2010 from Indiana University. Her research generally examines language and conceptual learning in children and students. In the Baby Lab, her research focuses on how students' looking behaviors relate to their math learning.

Christina Schonberg - Graduate Student

Christina Schonberg is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Developmental Psychology program at UCLA. She graduated in 2011 from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Psychology. Her research interests include language and cognitive development in young children, with a focus on the effects of being monolingual or bi-/multilingual. In the Baby Lab, Christina is investigating the role that language exposure plays in infants' cognitive and perceptual development.

Tawny Tsang - Graduate Student

Tawny is a second-year graduate student in the Developmental Psychology program at UCLA. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2011 from UC Berkeley. Prior to UCLA, she completed a research fellowship in developmental neuroscience at the Marcus Autism Center and used eye-tracking methods to investigate visual social attention in children with autism spectrum disorders. Tawny's research at UCLA will focus on her interest in how early visual behaviors support social and cognitive development.



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