Our lab uses Tobii 1750 and T60 XL eye trackers.

We use these and the other two eye trackers for studies of motion perception, object perception, face perception, emotion perception, aesthetic preferences, and pattern detection. We also integrate eye tracking and EEG/ERP (see below), and we conduct a few studies using standard preferential looking paradigms.

Click the play button below for an example of infant eye gaze patterns.


We also have an ASL D6-HT-C eye tracker.


We also have an EyeLink model 1000 eye tracker.


We use an EGI 128-channel EEG system to record patterns of brain activity as infants are presented with visual and auditory stimuli.

Software in the lab

We use Experiment Builder, Matlab, E-Prime, Net Station, Interact, Habit, Studio, Clearview, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and many other applications.

Other Resources at UCLA:

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Tobii 1750 Eye Tracker

ASL Setup

Infant EEG Sensor Net

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