Eye-tracking uses new technology to tell us more specifically where babies are looking on the screen. The eye-tracker is just a screen that sits in front of the baby that displays images. It has a camera inside of it that measures the way the light from the screen reflects off the center of the baby’s pupil. The eye-tracker can find from these reflection patterns exactly where babies are looking on the screen at all times. So we can tell not only which images babies are more interested in overall, but we can see exactly what parts of the images they prefer to look at.

eyetracking lap


Our lab uses Tobii 1750 and T60 XL eye-trackers. www.tobii.com

We use these and the other two eye-trackers for studies of motion perception, object perception, face perception, emotion perception, aesthetic preferences, and pattern detection. We also integrate eye tracking and EEG/ERP (see below), and we conduct a few studies using standard preferential looking paradigms.



We also have an EyeLink model 1000 eye tracker. http://www.sr-research.com



We use:

  • Experiment Builder
  • Matlab, E-Prime,
  • Net Station,
  • Interact,
  • Habit,
  • Studio,
  • Clearview,
  • & many other applications