Research Assistants

Mikka Hoffman
Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Mikka and I’m currently a second year psychobiology major. I’ve been passionate about working with kids for as long as I can remember, and I am so excited that I get an opportunity to interact with kids while also learning and growing my experience in a field I am fascinated by! Through babysitting and teaching elementary school music lessons, I’ve been able to interact with many amazing kids and I love getting to watch their abilities and personalities grow. I’m so excited to get to expand my own knowledge while also working with amazing people and hanging out with babies.

Alex Artura
Research Assistant

Hey! My name is Alex and I’m a second-year cognitive science major. I’m so happy to join the Baby Lab this year because I’ve always loved being around babies and children, either through babysitting, tutoring or volunteering at hospitals and now I get to incorporate psychology research, which I’m eager to learn more about! After my time at UCLA, I plan on going into the healthcare field or possibly continuing my cognitive science/psychology studies in grad school. In addition to working and studying, I also enjoy exploring LA with friends and good books and movies! 

Ah-Yeon Kwon
Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Ah Yeon and I’m a second year psychology major. I’m super excited about working at the Baby Lab and learning more about how infants assimilate and process information. I’ve loved working with kids ever since I volunteered at a foster care facility in high school. I hope to gain more experience working in research and someday pursue a PhD in psychology. In my free time, I like to read, knit, and watch Netflix with my roommate!