Research Assistants

Albert Cheng
Research Assistant

Hi my name is Albert and I’m a 4th year Psychology major and I love babies! It is an extreme honor to be a part of a lab that not only gives me the opportunity to conduct field revolutionizing research, but also the utmost privilege of spending a lot of time making silly faces, babbling and playing with our youngster participants. During my free time, catch me watching chiropractic adjustment videos on YouTube, tagging people in memes, or FaceTiming my doggo 🙂

Shiyang Helen Lu
Research Assistant

Hi! This is Shiyang Lu from Shenzhen, China (feel free to call me Helen). I am a third-year Psychology and Linguistics double major and I speak English, Mandarin, and a little bit of Italian. I can also understand Cantonese. I am interested in child language and cognitive development and I plan to go to graduate school in Psychology. Petting adorable kittens, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with my family and friends are my three keenest pastimes.


Renee Reinberg
Research Assistant

Hi! My name is Renee and I’m a fourth year Psychology major with a minor in Film and Television. I have been babysitting and volunteering with children for years and have always loved working with young kids. During a psychology class on child development I was offered the chance to work at the UCLA Baby Lab and I have been so glad to have this opportunity to understand and conduct research studies involving children. I hope to become an occupational therapist and continue working with children and young people in the future.


William Tsai
Research Assistant

Hello everyone! This is Will Tsai, and I’m a second year Psychobiology major hoping to study medicine and become a Pediatrician in the future. What draws me to children the most is their joy, curiosity, and wide-eyed stare downs. I’m extremely fortunate to be a part of the UCLA Baby Lab, where every day I’m gaining more insight on both the joys and the challenges that come with working with children. When I’m not in the lab or not studying (which is more often than I should be…), you can find me on the basketball courts or rock wall, jamming out on the cello, guitar, ukele, trombone, or piano, sitting on the couch reading a book, …. but most likely… asleep in my warm, comfy, cozy bed.


Evelyn Vazquez
Research Assistant

Hi! I’m Evelyn Vazquez and I am a 4th year Psychology student. I have always loved working and being around children. I was especially interested in psychological disorders and cultural influences in development. The opportunity to work in the UCLA Baby Lab has not only given me a chance to work in a research setting, but learn from the amazing people around me as well. I hope to pursue my education and get a PhD, eventually becoming a child psychologist. Outside school, I work as a secretary for UCLA Meeting Room Services. I also love to volunteer at animal shelters, go to Disneyland, read, and do yoga.


Brianna Andrade
Research Assistant

My name is Brianna Andrade and I am a third year Psychology major and Chicana/o Studies minor. I enjoy listening to music, dancing, and going to the beach. I am also very passionate about working with children because of their imagination, innocence, and creativity. Prior to joining the UCLA Baby Lab I had experience as a Los Angeles Student Educational Outreach (LASEO) mentor for youth at Berendo Middle School, and as a K- 6 summer school tutor in my hometown in Fresno. Because I enjoy being surrounded by children, my experience at the UCLA Baby Lab has been amazing! I have gained a deeper understanding on child development and have met the friendliest, down-to-earth people along the way.